Testimonial by parents:

We have been attending The Learning Place Preschool (Boynton Beach, Lawrence Road facility) since our daughter was 15 months, she is now 4.5. Since the moment we walked through the doors we have been treated like family. The teachers and staff have all been so kind, but most importantly, willing to teach and work with our daughter. Each classroom she has been in had its own curriculum that was age appropriate and that incorporated activities that engaged our daughter and made learning fun and exciting. Every day she comes home and tells us all about what she learned at school that day. She evens talks about her teachers and staff and not once has had anything bad to say, which is just as important as the education she is receiving as we are assured that she is in good hands. Any issues are addressed immediately and professionally and praise is given when warranted.  Let’s not forget the many extracurricular activities they offer, such as soccer and karate, and the other fun activities and parties that they do to reward the kids. All are nice added touches that we as parents and the children enjoy. We cannot say enough good things about The Learning Place Preschool and we really appreciate all they do and have done for us and our daughter!