Our Programs

Academic Enrichment

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We offer activities for the mind and body. Weekly activities may include soccer,gymnastics, and karate. All teachers carry their own licenses and insurance. These classes are offered on a voluntary basis, and the parents are responsible for payment to the chosen programs.

Preschool & Prekindergarten

As your child’s coordination improves their world is growing larger. Children at this age exhibit a natural curiosity for learning. Our teachers meet this challenge by introducing a program that includes sensory perception, math, science, art, music, language skills and experiential teaching that develops strong life skills. The learning place Philosophy is based upon ‘learning … Continue reading Preschool & Prekindergarten

4 Year Old Program

Our 4 year old program and VPK class is a wonderful year for your child to spend with us before he/she goes off to school. They will learn all of the necessary tools to make them successful in Kindergarten. Math, Science and reading will be part of the day along with creative play and cooking.

2 Year Old Program

Our two year old program is a fun environment for your child to begin to learn independence. They will enjoy crafts, music, and learning numbers and letters. Potty training will also take place when your child shows signs of interest.