Academic Enrichment

Child Enrichment Programs

At The Learning Place Preschool, we understand that every child need specialized enrichment programs that consist of activities. These activities practiced at our child academy in Boynton Beach are more advanced than those marked for toddlers and are focused more on learning, but don’t necessarily always have to be. They can just be more intricate in nature that will keep the kids busy.

Our child enrichment programs are designed around :

Weekly activities that are conducted once or twice in a week which focus more on the physical development of your child. These may include soccer, gymnastics, karate, and various other type of sports. Children are taught the value of spirit, teamwork, and physical fitness.

The enrichment programs at our Child academy located in Boynton Beach are offered on a voluntary basis and parents are responsible for making the payment towards the chosen program. Contact us today for enrolling your child in any of our programs or for more information.